Enjoy the Sounds Of Southern Comfort!

Southern Comfort Bluegrass Band is a local Tucson band that plays mostly Bluegrass, but we also play other kinds of music but in a Bluegrass style. You will hear us doing some 50's-60's, Old Time Country, Big Band, and Originals.
So come on out and have a listen....we know you will like what you hear.
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Latest News

  • Check out some of our Music

    March 02, 2015

    Here are a few of our songs that we get alot of requests for.

  • Band Member Bios

    March 02, 2015

    Here you will find everything....or maybe nothing on the members of Southern Comfort Bluegrass Band.

Photos from Different Gigs

March 02, 2015

Here you will find some of our most glorious moments....or some that aren't so glorious. Anyway you will find something here that might amuse you...